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Josie Grant

Galactic Dreamer

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Galactic Dreamer is an abstract acrylic pour on canvas, inspired by the a fantasy world of galaxy meets sea. 

The 4ft x 3ft piece was made using oceanic blue and green hues with soft hints of coral pink and pale grey. Pink and gold stars were added into the abyss background to add depth and interest. The piece was finished with galactic stars and hand painted rivers and peaks giving the painting an aerial-view quality. 

This is the largest acrylic pour that I have ever made and would suit a minimlist, modern or beachy setting. It's large size makes it an eye-catching statement piece, perfectly capable of filling a large wall, which you can spend hours in front of, lost in the swirls and patterns of the paint.

In the vein of Zizekian philosophy, we need to supplement reality with points of fiction to populate it - this helps us to assuage the feeling of emptiness that reality (the pour itself) cannot fulfill. 



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