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Prints, paintings and illustrations from the North Devon coast

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'I am blossoming in ways I never imagined."

  • It was for a Christmas present for my partner

    The end product far exceeded what we thought possible, Josie had managed to perfectly capture the form and the colour palate used was amazing. 

  • As a present from ‘me to me’

    I commissioned a self portrait as a I wanted a visual reminder to look to in those (frequent) times when we women forget what super-heroes we actually are.

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Commission an Artwork

Are you ready to celebrate your body? Looking for a custom acrylic pour to hang in that awkward spot above the fireplace? Seen something you love but it's not *quite* right? Let's collaborate and

Make Something Beautiful
  • She captured my aura, soul and spirit, portraying a radiance that I often fail to recognise.

    Josie’s portrayal is just stunning, I look at “moi” feel beautiful, confident, empowered and proud of my body (rapidly approaching 50 isn’t remotely as bad as I thought).

  • This is really a unique opportunity and so worth the money you pay!

    I was always very comfortable letting Josie draw me nude and already want to order my next painting!