About the Artist


Be welcome here. 

I'm Josie, a painter and printmaker living on the stunning coast of North Devon. I lived in the Lake District until I was 6, at which time my family moved to North Devon, so I've been lucky enough to have spent my life surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery that the UK has to offer. 

I make the most of the rugged and varied landscape of the North Devon coast and in my free time I can be found wild swimming in the seas and rivers of Devon, bouldering, cycling and wandering the forest tracks and coast paths. 

I have been painting since I was old enough to be trusted not to eat the paint (and a bit before then too!) and am passionate about my printmaking journey. It makes me bubble with excitement to think about how long humans have been making prints and that I get to carry on this amazing practice from my medieval home studio. 

I hope that you find a place here, amongst the fruits of my mind, and enjoy the work that I have made for you.