I am Josie and I make art from my corner studio with views to the beautiful and wild coast of North Devon, UK. 

My arts practice is eclectic - I have been painting since I was old enough to be trusted not to eat the paint (and a bit before then too!) and consider paint my first artistic love. However, I am currently in a play-like experimental phase of my art practice, in which I am exploring a range of mediums - from digital art and video to jewellery making and portraiture. I feel that there is real freedom in being an untrained artist and enjoying a range of styles and techniques.

I live in view of the beach, a short drive or walk from woods, rolling hills, rivers and moors. I am lucky to live in a quiet place where we can see the moon and stars in the night sky. Thus, I am heavily influenced by nuture. I create with sensuality in mind - whether it's empowering nudes to celebrate divine feminine energy or evocative sea scapes or acrylic pours inspired by the colours in the world around me - I pour positivity into every drop of paint. 

I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.